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Yeah!! this is the next home to all those who had loved living here. A life of freedom, learning, decipline, to love and care, taking responsibilities is what a hostel life at Sankul.

Sankul offer a place that makes it wonderful to stay and study. It offer the kids to grow not only academically but also in sports, culture and social aspects. it is about becomming good human beings.

The life at Hostel has a routine & it starts everyday with a charming smile of girls. they are not forced to ambibe by the routine but rather are made to make the hostel routine as their life style. The first lesson they learn in the morning is to keep them physicaly strong & fit. The Hostels student do this extra what a regular students plan to. They wake up early and go for morning excersise with their physical trainer. Then is the time they utilise to get ready for schools/collages. Before going to schools/collages the lesson of faith in devine is what they practice by their prayer. The prayer highly energises the student and the surrounding of the hostel. this is the day begins.

After the school/collages hour they have their snaks and get ready for their own time. The students have their choice of sports game. After a day poeked by acauring knowledge & hard plays all students fresh up and attend the preyers. after preyer it is study time. A family lives together, smiles together, eat together. the dinner time. it is the soul of all students of Sankul. The delicious dinner is shared with brif talk & happenings of the day.

After having meal the hostelor enjoy relaxtion time. it is their own recreational time. when they listen music, read news paper, research & put forth their own hidden potentional with their co- friends. learn new skills & devlop family bonding among themselves. the day end with the preyer. They go to bed with the dream of their achievements & get prepared for another beautiful day in te hostel.

This is not the end of the story. Rather it is just the trailor of what happen in the hostel. they celebrate all their joy together. all festival celebrated at the Hostel campus together they gether to make it a colourful & vibrant place for the cornival they every one birthday to be a memoriable day. They celebrate their achivements. they share their grief & live not like a family but as a family.

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