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Esteemed Donors,
Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Shaikshanik Sankul at Amreli pays its humble and noble salute to all the esteemed donors who have been adonating generously right from the conception of the Sankul and for any creation, development, accomplishment and improvement of the infrastructural facilities in the Sankul. The donors have acted so promptly beyond expectations as and when required. It has been a great proud for the president and members of the Sankul that not only the donations but the post care for the new creations and developments for which the donations are made is also astonishing and had been over whelming. This has been like paternal nourishment to the institute as a whole from each point of view.
The utmost interest and guardian care of the smallest matter in the development and creations by the donors has motivated the care takers and resulted into excellent infrastructural creation, academic development to the height that the Sankul has been one of the top institutions in the state of Gujarat by all means.
The motivations of the donors nourish, prepare and cultivate particularly the girl students not only academically but also in extracurricular activities like sports, culture, social segments. The students have achieved heights even in these sectors at state and national levels which has garlanded the Sankul institutes due name and fame in the country.

On behalf of the girl students and all the beneficiaries of the Sankul the almighty god be prayed for the well being of all the well-regarded donors for their life and also empower them to shower their humble and honest care for the noble cause of human being at large.


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